Beyond the Veil Conference

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Come experience a one day seminar for the Spiritual Novice or Spiritual Practitioners alike, those seeking spiritual answers, entrepreneurs looking to understand and expand their own knowledge, newly evolving souls seeking spiritual guidance, a teacher or a mentor in the business, or those simply interested in learning about a range of psychic development practices.

Six amazing Spiritual Practitioners currently working in the field will be sharing the knowledge and gifts they have collectively received, learnt and been downloaded from the Spirit realms.

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We introduce Victoria.J of A Wise Awakening Healing and Teaching, to the “Beyond the Veil” Psychic Seminar.

Victoria is a gifted Spiritual Healer, who is able to connect to your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self and your Higher Wisdom.  Victoria will discuss the meaning behind each Chakra and the benefits of balancing your chakras through Crystal Bowl meditations and sound therapy.

Victoria will then take you on a meditative journey using the sounds of her chakra crystal bowls to integrate the knowledge of the day and to download the transformational work undertaken throughout the day. This will allow you to receive a balancing of the chakras to receive that knowledge at a deeper level. Get ready to bring vibrational light to your Chakras.

Victoria will also introduce her new range of vibrational Chakra Medicines, Magnesium’s, and Essential Oils infused and grounded by Rose Quartz. Creating a total Mind, Body & Soul experience.




We warmly welcome Rhee Duthie to the “Beyond the Veil” Psychic Seminar, as a Charm caster Rhee would be the modern day version of a sacred Seer casting runes to foresee ones past, present and future.

Rhee was a healthy 23 year old Mum of two little boys aged 1 & 2 when she went into labour with her third child. There was no sign of any problems, she was lucid and relieved at the drug free birth. In the flash of an eye Rhee went from asking whether she had three boys or adding a little girl, to rising above her body looking down at the scene in awe whilst feeling a magnetic pull to rise even higher and not return.

The near death experience was so surreal and yet transformational that when she was told she had flat lined she didn’t want to believe it! But it was undeniable.

After numerous synchronicities, visits from spirit, Dejavu, developing healing hands and having premonitions, it was time to lean into the reason for the veil parting and recalling what her ancestors & loved ones passed told her while rising above. The veil continued to thin across her life, parting again to remind, protect or give further knowledge.

You will hear the spiritual journey, the cost of not using the gifts and finally the joy of discovering how to serve people in very unique ways.




We introduce our Guest Speaker Roy O Bristow from Soul Energy Traveller to the “Beyond the Veil” Psychic Seminar.

Roy will be providing four introductory talks on the day

The first will be about how to live your daily life as an Empathic and the true purpose of being an Empath during the powerful energetic shifts of Gaia.

The second is about how to recognise and interpret signs from spirit and guides in your daily life.

The third is about the journey within and that is where our outer journey answers are truly found.

The fourth is the true habits we face that run the framework of the emotions we choose go through daily. Roy also channels information from spirit and important messages could come forth on the day.

As an added bonus Roy will be also be demonstrating tea leaf readings for those wanting deeper insights into their journey.


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We warmly introduce our Guest Speaker Jamie Spooner to the “Beyond the Veil” Psychic Seminar.

Hello, I’m Jamie and I am a psychic clairvoyant and I’ll be sharing my experiences throughout my life that led me to opening up to spirit and the work I now do as a clairvoyant and energy healer.

I will be talking about my contact with spirit from a young boy, how spirit interceded in my life on several occasions, assisting me with the necessary people and events that removed me from near death experiences.
I’ll be sharing how negative indigenous spirits influenced my life and the lives of my friends and family where i previously lived.

I will also cover some topics on entities, past incarnate spirits and discarnate spirits that all played a role and part in the not so distant time of my life, and how these influences were instrumental in teaching me the significance of understanding just how powerful other spirits and spirit entities can influence our physical world.

I will also share with the group how astral, ancestral and other forces influence and interfere with our lives and the lives of our loved ones, and how these beings and entities can be released and moved with the assistance of higher spirit beings working on our behalf.



We introduce the amazing Healer and gifted Clairvoyant Marama to “Beyond the Veil” Psychic Seminar.

Marama was gifted with the ability to heal at the age of 21 in the North Western desert of Australia. She had always had close contact with her Spirit Guides and had experienced many unusual psychic experiences throughout her childhood and adolescence.

At a time when there was little to no access to information on what she was experiencing, Marama had to trust what she was taught from her Guides. However, that didn’t mean she was suddenly given the keys to an easy life. Becoming a healer or shaman comes with huge responsibility and the understanding that living beings are more multidimensional and interconnected than the status quo would have us think.

This particular talk will cover one aspect of Marama’s work – that of psychic or shamanic surgery. Although it works through intention and symbolism and is not actual surgery, Marama has been able to repair many diverse physical illnesses, which would usually require actual surgery to resolve. From her first experience in repairing a leaky heart valve, to her most recent where she was able to move a foetus stuck in a fallopian tube and make sure it was safely implanted into the uterus, this talk will challenge what we think of as possible.




We introduce our Guest Speaker Michelle Milne from the Witch of Moons Lane to the “Beyond the Veil” Psychic Seminar

Michelle is The Witch Of Moons Lane she is a natural born psychic, medium who has a silver membership with the Academy of Australia Spirit, being recognised for her gifts. Michelle is also a Reiki Master and has done countless TV and Psychic shows in Australia and overseas.

Michelle is a green witch for the last 28 years and is the creator of Witchypoo Brew a enchanted tea, candle and soon to be tarot deck line. Michelle is also a palm reader a crystal ball reader and tarot reader. Michelle comes from a line of natural born psychics on both side of her family and has Russian gypsy on her Mother’s side. Today she will read flowers for the chosen and also a tarot card for the chosen.

Michelle will explore beginner’s witchcraft talking about being a witch and how to start in this field, from circle work to asking the goddess for blessings and protection.


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