Candle Kits


Our fabulous new Candle range has a special component, the Sacred Space Eco-Candle range comes as a kit that you build and set the intention into yourself. A simple kit containing your Pearl & Gold Accent Lush Container, a full moon infused crystal, herbs, a small bottle of clear all natural preservatives and a larger goddess shaped bottle with the perfect blend of preservatives, essential oils, natural candle oil, botanicals, herbs and salts.

To construct the Candle gently pour the small bottle of liquid into the bottom of the glass candle container, followed by the goddess shaped bottle of candle oil and preservatives. Use all the pre–measured liquids to create the perfect balance and combination. Do not cover the candle wick or overflow the candle container. Speak the intention on the attached card to complete your Sacred Candle ceremony. Infuse your energy into the creation of this candle to set it intention and to fuse in the protective properties.

Your Candle has a burn time of approx 15-18 hours. The fluid left over is the residue of the Candle, unlike commercial candles our range will not burn down to nothing. You will know your candle has completed its burn time when it no longer ignites and only clear fluid, botanicals and the crystal remains. Dispose of the left over fluid down your laundry sink with warm water (it is all natural and safe to do this), and place the left over botanicals in the waste bin. Retrieve the crystal from the bottom of the container when your Candle is finished its lifespan.

For refills please return your empty contain and the empty bottles.

Blessings Deb & Jodie, Triple Moon Goddess Expos.

How to construct your Candle- Video here: