About Us

Welcome All

We are Jodie Maio & Deb Tawhai, the dynamic team behind Triple Moon Goddess Expos. We are also entrepreneurial Business Woman with our own spiritual businesses,  independent to TMG Expos.

Having both worked in spiritual  circuits for many years we could see the rewards, and the challenges associated with Psychic Expos. When we branched out and partnered up to provide smaller events, we were constantly being approached by heart centred practitioners looking to work alongside us.

Spirit was also directing us both to take this journey, constantly removing barriers and abundantly providing the resources, people and experiences we would need to undertake such a business.

We see ourselves as Soulpreneurs, Co-Creators  and Facilitators of Psychic Expos and Events. We seek out great venues, run by amazing likeminded people. We engage Heart-Centred Healers, Readers and Lightworkers, many of whom Spirit sends our way. And we promote others how we would want to be promoted! It’s that simple!

We are Triple Moon Goddess… Jodie, Deb & Spirit.

Blessed be xxx