Psychic Expos

Welcome to our  Event Management page, we are so delighted to have you connecting with us.

At the start of 2019 a dream was hatched to bring a few Psychic Expos to the local spiritual folks across the Gold Coast. Under the name Triple Moon Goddess Expos,  two friends went on a quest to offer a series of heartfelt  psychic events, gathering a dedicated team of stallholders, healers, psychic readers and loyal followers, as they grew their business.

Having completed 21 Expos in little under 9 months the friends realised that their paths were bigger than they had ever dreamt possible. As they started to branch out and follow the guidance of their individual guides and spirits they found themselves focusing on two main areas, Soul-Entrepreneur Business and Personal Growth of the Team.

After some discussion and a new business plan each decided that 2020 would be the year they would grow and take  their loyal exhibitors on differing journeys,  while still focusing on business development and spiritual growth.

While Deb continues to develop the Triple Moon Goddess Expos and support the overall business to expand, grow and develop, Jodie will branch out into  her own business of spiritual Empress Retreats and Seminars.

In 2020 Triple Moon Goddess Expos will continue to offer heart centred spiritual workers to assist you on your path, your journey, and ultimately your destiny.

Blessed Be Friends

Deb Tawhai & Jodie Maio

Triple Moon Goddess

2 thoughts on “Psychic Expos”

  1. Hi, there!
    I’m Lisiane Faria, Tarot reader and thetahealer. I have been actively working here in Tweed Heads and very keen to take part of a group like this. Please advise if it is possible to participate to these events as a professional. I also have beautiful amethysts and other crystal with which I could make a stall and sell them. Looking for your response.
    Kind regards, Lisiane


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